Billing Platform

Webcall operates on the PortaOne billing platform. This is an internationally renowned billing system, capable of billing data,voice calls and a variety of other services.

PortaOne is a converged, carrier-grade billing platform. It includes media applications for conferencing, IVR and unified messaging. The billing is done on a RADIUS basis and operates with a variety of vendors and hardware.

PortaOne caters for both pre and postpaid billing solutions in real time. The platform provides to the moment records for users and administrators, as well as automated facilities including invoicing and account suspension when funds are exhausted.

Webcall offers 3rd parties the opportunity to be provided with a partition on our servers for whatever billing services are required. The user would have access to their own customer base with a unique logon. Webcall is able to provide maintenance and support on the platform to the 3rd party.

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