Porta Billing FAQ's

Can I see details of the calls I make through my new VoIP solution?

Yes, the Porta billing system gives you access to your VoIP account through a Customer Care Portal.


How can I access the Customer Care Portal?

You will need to have a username and password assigned to you. If you haven't already got one, please contact Webcall Support and request one. Once you have your login details, click HERE to log in.


What other information can I access on the Customer Care Portal?

Refer to customer Porta Interface User Guide.

You will be able to see the following account details:

  • Number of accounts
  • Credit limit
  • Total usage to date
  • Subscriptions
  • Any custom account set up details like call forwarding or business hours for after-hours messaging

You will also be able to see detailed call records (`itemised billing') in real time on any of your accounts. You can download these records into a Excel (or similar) spreadsheet application and filter records - a handy management tool.

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