Hosted PBX

The world is changing & the nature of telephone PBX systems is changing with it. Hosted PBX is a PBX solution in the cloud. Traditionally, businesses buy a PBX system and several handsets for each premises. If the business is a multi-branch organisation, setting up seamless integration between these branches is expensive and often limited. By placing the PBX in the cloud, Webcall's Hosted PBX has centralised the PBX system. The PBX now sits in a climate controlled, secure data centre and each user links to this system via an IP handset and data link. This means that multiple users in multiple sites can all be connected together on the SAME PBX system. Users can seamlessly communicate with colleagues at NO COST, whether the colleague is in the same office or in a different province.


Hosted PBX offers a range of benefits including:

  • Inexpensive to set up
  • Inexpensive to maintain
  • Flexible and able to grow with your business
  • Advanced features. These include:
    • Time based routing (eg rules for office hours and after hours)
    • Autoattendant options
    • Follow me rules to route calls to secondary numbers (eg a user's cellphone) or voicemail
    • Voicemail to email
    • PIN Code dialing to prevent unauthorised
    • Free interbranch calling
    • Short code dialing for colleagues and suppliers/partners
    • Call recording

Webcall has seen a dramatic upswing in demand for our Hosted PBX Solution as the data links available to business have become both cheaper and more reliable. Hosted PBX is the way all phone systems will be sold in the coming years. With Webcall Hosted PBX, the technology is available to you today.


Webcall Mobile Extension

Introducing the Webcall Mobile Extension (WebcallME) app – a unique service which not only lets you save on cell phone costs, but also enables you to intergrate your mobile phone into your business. The WebcallME app has a multitude of applications:

  • Do you wish you could reduce the costs of you and your staff's mobile phone accounts and manage costs better?
  • Do you have contacts overseas that you wish you could call inexpensively from your cell phone?
  • Does copper cable theft or unreliable telephone services cause you frustration? WebcallME allows you to keep your landline numbers, and have all calls routed to your Cellphone.
  • Are you running a micro business and wish you could afford a telephone system? With Webcall ME, you can get features such as call routing, auto-attendant, after hours messaging, voicemail to email and more.

The WebcallME is an easy-to-use app that allows you to take advantage of great call rates on your mobile device, without the need for a quality data connection. The service initiates the call you wish to make from Webcall’s sophisticated servers, making a call to your cell phone and to the 3rd party. The cost of the call is covered by your WebcallME account rather than your mobile account. In other words, the Webcall servers initiate a 2 way call to you and to the third party that you selected.

The service can be enhanced with Webcall’s powerful, yet low cost cloud PABX service add-on options, enabling you to keep tabs on your calls, offer advanced call routing features and give your business a professional advantage.


Webcall Link

Webcall's VoIP offers businesses significant call and line subscription savings. In cases where customers have an existing PBX system that performs well, it is still possible to get the benefits of VoIP without having to replace the entire PBX system. Webcall's Link Product integrates onto any make or model of PBX system (usually via a Gateway device which links the PBX to the VoIP network). This allows the business to experience the savings without excessive capital outlay or requiring that staff learn to use a brand new phone system.

Webcall's sales team can interrogate a business' telephone bill and determine the estimated monthly savings expected so that an informed choice can be made as to the business viability of implementing Webcall's Link VoIP solution. In most cases, the savings recoup the initial outlay in several months. Webcall Link means savings off the bottom line without impacting on staff or business functionality.


Farsouth IP PBX


Farsouth’s IP PBX range & Gateway range caters for the entire range of business needs form 3 - 1000 IP users , from the small office right the way to the enterprise corporate or call centre.

The Farsouth PBX's offer full IP support and integrate very effectively with Webcall's VoIP solution as well as traditional telephone analogue & Digital lines. The Farsouth PBX also have specifically developed call centre software and call routing features to assist call centre managers to continually improve on service deliver and productivity. Other features include; Call recording, TMS support (MAN3000), remote support and much more without having to purchase additional licences to unlock features.

The Farsouth systems are cost effective and respected PBX systems that offer users great returns on their investment.

Farsouth is a Proudly South African product, developed and assembled in Cape Town South Africa, distributed and supported nationwide.


The solution is feature rich and provides a host of functions that include:

  • Ability to integrate with legacy analogue and ISDN lines as well as VoIP
  • Dynamic multi-level call routing options
  • Support for T38 Fax protocol
  • Call Recording facilities
  • Auto Attendant options
  • Hunt groups
  • Web-based GUI for easy customer interaction
  • Cell phone and smart phone integration
  • Interconnection of various locations to provide no-charge desk-to-desk dialling and seamless call transfer
  • Call monitoring and call recording for training and quality assurance purposes
  • Support for TMS systems such as MAN3000
  • Full range of PBX features - Auto attendant, voicemail to email, call queuing, music on hold, hot desking, click to dial and more

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