How can I contact Webcall's Support Desk?

Webcall has an automated support ticketing system. For the most efficient response to a question or problem e-mail to have your query logged directly into our CRM. Cases are prioritised based on how disruptive they are and are dealt with accordingly. Our support technicians will provide you with updates as progress is made on your case. Alternatively call us on 087 354 1444.


What steps should I take if I experience a problem?

If you have a problem, first try to determine the reason for the problem. For example, a power outage would obviously impact equipment not connected to redundant backup power options. Often rebooting equipment has the desired effect so this is generally a good option. Be mindful of the order in which you reboot equipment. Eg one should reboot the data link first and then the secondary equipment (Gateways, PBX's or IP phones) afterwards. Check each of the following (if relevant):

  • Is your PBX operating correctly? Reboot if necessary.
  • Is your data link working? Bear in mind that you may have a separate link for internet/email and your VoIP. Reboot the equipment (eg router) if necessary.
  • Are all cables correctly plugged in? Check each cable is securely connected. Are they in the correct sockets, particularly if you have recently moved equipment? Ensure you haven't confused which power supply goes with which equipment.
  • Ensure that the power socket which your equipment is plugged into is working.

When should I contact Webcall and when do I contact my PBX vendor?

In cases where the PBX vendor is a different company to Webcall, it is often hard to know who to contact for support/assistance. In simple terms, internal problems like a problem with a handset or a need to change a PBX function would be the PBX vendor's arena. Issues with external calls which use Webcall's services are Webcall's arena. When in doubt, contact Webcall.


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