Voice over Internet Protocol


On 1 February 2005, the communications minister of South Africa legalised the carrying of voice over any network. This made Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) legal for the first time and opened the telecommunications industry up to serious competition for the first time. Webcall had already been in existence at this time in anticipation of this


How does VoIP work?

VoIP involves converting the spoken word into a digital data stream and sending this via a data link to a VoIP service provider such as Webcall. The VoIP service provider interconnects with a number of local and international telecommunications providers such as Telkom and MTN. The interconnect allows for 2 way communication. Whilst the principles of VoIP are simple and well established, there are many technical challenges to providing a VOIP service.


Webcall's VoIP Solution - the right solution for your business

Webcall's VoIP solution is amongst the most reliable in South Africa. Our servers are hosted at the vendor neutral Teraco data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Teraco is a world class data centre boasting full redundancy as well as strict security to ensure uninterrupted service. The Webcall core network is based on resilient fiber networks throughout with connection to the major SA hubs. From here we connect our customers through a wide range of data networks and we integrate with almost any PBX system. Webcall also provides a world class Hosted PBX platform.


Webcall's VoIP Solution - the benefits

Webcall's VoIP service offers our customers multiple benefits. These include:
  • Significant call savings
  • Free inter branch calls
  • Communications support for virtual business functions
  • Regional, National and International inbound numbers
  • Advanced call and routing features
  • Flexibility
  • Portability
  • Telephone management facilities

Our customers attest to the high quality, excellent business value and savings that our VoIP option affords and this is why they trust us with this vital aspect of their business.

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