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Webcall's VoIP offers businesses significant call and line subscription savings. In cases where customers have an existing PBX system that performs well, it is still possible to get the benefits of VoIP without having to replace the entire PBX system. Webcall's Link Product integrates onto any make or model of PBX system (usually via a Gateway device which links the PBX to the VoIP network). This allows the business to experience the savings without excessive capital outlay or requiring that staff learn to use a brand new phone system.

Webcall's sales team can interrogate a business' telephone bill and determine the estimated monthly savings expected so that an informed choice can be made as to the business viability of implementing Webcall's Link VoIP solution. In most cases, the savings recoup the initial outlay in several months. Webcall Link means savings off the bottom line without impacting on staff or business functionality.


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Established in 2003, Webcall is one of the longest serving Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) businesses in South Africa. Our focus is on providing businesses in South Africa with world class VoIP and telecommunications solutions.

Our products range from cordless handsets for a single user office to multi-branch integration PBX systems allowing for seamless communication wherever users happen to be.

Our services enable businesses to maximise their efficiencies whilst maintaining high levels of quality & functionality.

Webcall's core values of integrity, reliability and caring for our customers ensures that you can trust us to look after your telecommunications needs. With over 1000 customers, we have the experience and the solutions to ensure that choosing Webcall is always a great call.